20FT HDMI to DVI-D Single Link Cable 5Gbps M/M, 6M, Black
    Close 20FT HDMI to DVI-D Single Link Cable 5Gbps M/M, 6M, Black

    20FT HDMI to DVI-D Single Link Cable 5Gbps M/M, 6M, Black

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    Learn more about HDMI to DVI. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) uses a much smaller, user-friendly connector along with the DVI connector. HDMI is fully backward-compatible with DVI hot plug for DTVs. HDMI DTVs will display video received from existing DVI-equipped products, and DVI-equipped TVs will display video from HDMI sources Cable built with matching impedance, PVC jacket, molded ends and inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector to achieve a complete end to end shielding Eliminate unnecessary signal conversions. 24 bit/pixel, 165 MHz max clock frequency. 5 Gbps bandwidth, 55% spared for future expansion. Connectors: HDMI Male to DVI Male. Color: Black DVI-D SINGLE LINK Cord Length: 20 ft / 6 M Accessory ONLY Suggested Applications: standard, enhanced, or high-definition video on a single cable. DVI is mostly compatible with HDMI. The main difference is that DVI typically carries no audio data in its TMDS channel, although increasingly, modern PC video hardware is providing audio (e.g. cards by NVIDIA and ATI) allowing the PC to send audiovisual data to a high definition television with an HDMI input. If a PC's DVI output does not provide audio, it can be patched in as part of the DVI to HDMI adapter. A DVI signal is electrically compatible with an HDMI video signal; no signal conversion is required when an adapter or asymmetric cable is used, and consequently no loss in video quality occurs. As such, HDMI is backward-compatible with Digital Visual Interface digital video (DVI-D or DVI-I, but not DVI-A) as used on modern computer monitors and graphics cards. This means that a DVI-D source can drive an HDMI monitor, or vice versa, by means of a suitable adapter or cable. However, the audio and remote-control features of HDMI will not be available unless the output supports HDMI via a DVI plug (e.g., ATI 3000-series and NVIDIA GTX 200-series video cards). Additionally, not all devices with DVI input support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). Without such support by the device, an HDCP-enabled signal source will suppress output and so prevent the device from receiving HDCP-protected content. All HDMI devices must support sRGB encoding.

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    Cable Size: 20ft
    Weight: 1.04 lbs.

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